Exchange students

Studying abroad is optional for students of archaeology, but they are encouraged to give it serious consideration at the latest during their basic studies. The student exchange will take 3–12 months, and students can participate after finishing one year of studies at the University of Oulu. During the exchange, basic funding consists of a study grant, increased housing supplement and student loan. In addition, exchange students will receive an exchange grant, the amount of which depends on the target and the programme.

Exchange students will participate in teaching and student life at the host university in the same way as local students, and live in student accommodation. Studies abroad at an accredited institution will count towards a student’s degree from the University of Oulu. Students in exchange programmes will not have to pay any tuition fees. For more information on student exchange, please visit the University’s student exchange page.

Archaeology has a valid exchange agreement with the universities listed below. European universities are included within the ERASMUS programme. Furthermore, Nordic departments of archaeology are included in the archaeology Nordplus network, which arranges student exchange in all the Nordic countries. For more information on student exchange opportunities at a specific site, please contact your faculty’s international student exchange coordinator,  Riitta Kataja or lecturer Timo Ylimaunu.

Last updated: 20.8.2019