Heli Maijanen


Research interests

I focus on biological anthropology, including subject matters ranging from bioarchaeology to forensic anthropology. I started my research career by studying archaeological bone data. My doctoral thesis at the University of Oulu involved the assessment of people’s height based on the dimensions of their bones. While doing this research, my focus switched from archaeological data to modern forensic applications. My doctoral thesis at the University of Tennessee involved the utilisation of diseases in the identification of victims. My other interests include morphological variation in humans, taphonomy, databases, as well as the methods and the collection of data. 



Active reseach projects

  • Evaluation of Osteometric Measurements in Forensic Anthropology. National Institute of Justice-grant, Lincoln Memorial University, University of Tennessee (2014-2015). Researcher, principal investigator N. Shirley.



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  • Maijanen H & Niskanen M, 2010: New regression equations for Medieval Scandinavians. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 20: 472-80.
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  • Maijanen H & Niskanen M, 2006: Comparing Stature-estimation Methods on Medieval Inhabitants of Westerhus, Sweden. Fennoscandia Archaeologica XXIII: 37-46.

Last updated: 21.9.2017