Ville Hakamäki


Research intrests

My research interests lie in the settlement history of Northern Finland at the turn of the prehistoric era and recorded history, particularly the period of time between 800 and 1300 AD. I study, for instance, social structures of communities and their development, cultural contacts in the current Northern Finland region and in a broader context, as well as the old-fashioned "depopulation theory" in a critical manner. These questions pertaining to the late Iron Age, and also partially to the early Middle Ages, are seamlessly connected to my doctoral thesis research. I aim to complete my thesis by the end of 2017.

In a broader sense, I’m interested in studying the interaction between people and artefacts and the development of material culture with the help of the lifecycle of artefacts, communication and different types of exchange. Related interests of mine are applications of economic anthropology and sociology. Another issue that interests me is landscape archaeology, where the activities of ancient people and archaeological sites that prove their existence are studied as part of the surrounding landscape.

I’m involved in a graduate school research project funded by the Kone Foundation called Yhteisöjen keskinäinen yhteistyö- ja riippuvuussuhde sosiaalisena ilmiönä: Sisämaa ja rannikko Pohjois-Suomen rautakauden löytöjen ja kohteiden valossa ("Mutual Cooperation and Dependency as Social Phenomena: Inland and Coastal Areas in Northern Finland in the Light of Discoveries and Sites from the Iron Age")



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Last updated: 21.9.2017