The use of materials and the Neolithisation of North-Eastern Europe (c 6000-1000 BC)

Project description

The proposed project aims to study the Neolithic and Neolithisation in North-Eastern Europe through studying the changes in the use of mineral raw materials and tracing how these changes relate to broader cultural changes between 6000–1000 BC. Motivation for the project may be found in recent research, which has turned the northern boreal zone from a seeming periphery to an important region in understanding the Neolithisation on Eurasian scale. Research is embedded in the view that Neolithisation was related to a new way of engaging with the world, which in turn was linked to the every-day use and manipulation of materials in novel ways. On this basis the research will employ various analytical and theoretical approaches, which will allow a systematic observation of trajectories over long time spans. The project will result in an improved understanding of the dynamics of cultural development and establish a new framework for the process of Neolithisation in the northern boreal zone.

Tutkimusryhmä (Oulun yliopisto)

  • Janne Ikäheimo, principal investigator
  • Vesa-Pekka Herva, researcher
  • Antti Lahelma, researcher
  • Teemu Mökkönen, post-doctoral researcher
  • Kerkko Nordqvist, doctoral student

Project coordinator

University of Oulu