Towns, Borders and Material Culture – effects of modernisation and globalisation in towns in northern Finland from the 17th century and on Finland’s western border from the year 1809 to the present

Project description

The research project studied how modernisation, European identity, mercantilism and later global capitalism have influenced the constructed and mental environments of the towns of Oulu and Tornio in Northern Finland, at the edge of Europe, between the early 17th century and the present day. Another issue that was interpreted was the impact of processes in the border area that was created in 1809. Urban construction, town planning and borders always involve questions about the wielding of power, which is why the interpretation focused on studying resistance among local people and practical methods of resistance. In this study, Northern Finland was connected to broader European and global development. It also proved that the development and changes of northern towns and border areas were linked to global processes.

Project coordinator

University of Oulu