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The study guides of the Faculty of Technology (mainly in Finnish) can be downloaded at the Faculty of Technology's page.

Information in English on the five year program in architecture. 
Information on the International Master's Programme in Architecture.

Study plan / Year plan 2019 - 2020

The autumn semester 2019 starts on September 2, 2019. with orientations for incoming students. The courses will be launched according to the  the year plan, starting on the first week of September (from Tuesday Septemeber 3 onwards).

The spring semester 2020 starts on Monday January 7, 2020.

The academic year is divided into four periods (half academic terms):
autumn 1 (weeks 35 -43), autumn 2 (weeks 44 -50), spring 1 (weeks 2-10) and spring 2 (weeks 11-20). Weeks 43 and 50 of the autumn semester and weeks 10 and 20 of the spring semester are so called intensive weeks. Weeks 43 and 10 are so called exam weeks, during which also workshops may be organized. The bachelor seminar takes place every May on week 20 and the diploma seminar on week 21. Altogetner 4 diploma seminars are organized during the academic year.

During the Christmas break (weeks 51 -1 ) and Easter Break (April 9-15 2020)  teaching is not available. The spring semester ends on May 31st.

The weekly course schedule is presented in the year plan 2019-20. The courses follow this study plan: Year Plan / Study Plan 2019-20

Master level courses are integrated into 30 ECTS study modules. A detailed work schedule is provided by the respective teaching units offering the courses within each module.

Diploma seminars autumn semester 2019:

September 25, 2019

November 20, 2019

Diploma seminars spring semester 2020:

February 26, 2020

May 18.-20, 2020 (N.B!)

Studies in the summer 2019: Students have the possibility to get instruction on their project work during the summer at the following times:  Wednesday 10.6.2020 at 13:15 -16:00 and Wed 19.8.201 at 13:15 -16:00. On both summer instruction dates teacher(s) of all study units are available for students. Please, book time by sendig an email to the respective teacher). The student counselor of the school is also available at the above mentioned hours.


Last updated: 23.4.2020