Full five years degree programme in architecture

The students are selected for the full five years program through a national entrance examination. The bachelor's degree program is taught in the Finnish language only. The Master's Programme in Architectural Design is conducted in English and available for international applicants.

The first three years of the study program offer a strong artistic, technical and professional ground for carrying on to the master’s degree studies. After the bachelor’s degree the student selects his own field of specialization between the three master level orientations available: Urban Design and Planning, Building Design and Architectural Design.

The Bachelor’s degree studies in architecture (180 ECTS) focuse on mastering the basics of architecture and architectural form. The Bachelors degree includes studies which prepare the student to the orientations of the master level. The bachelor's degree is completed by the bachelor’s thesis work and seminar.

The architect's degree is a two years program (120 ECTS), consisting of basic, complementary and advanced modules and the diploma thesis project. The extent of each module is 30 ECTS. The individual study units within a module are integrated into a larger unity, a studio course of one academic term. On master level the student may construct his own path of studies in the selection of the studio courses offered.

The main focus is on studio projects which are made both individually and in teams. Learning of CAD programs and handwork skills are integrated with project work. Common critique sessions lay a foundation for architectural debate and provide the students with skills needed in the profession.

More information on the degree programmes is available here.

Last updated: 24.10.2016