History of architecture and restoration studies

The objectives of teaching History of Architecture and Restoration Studies are:

  • to introduce the students to different periods of architectural styles, and the effects of social change and technological development therein
  • to teach history of architecture and the assessment of the built cultural heritage
  • to provide the student sufficient skills to carry out restoration projects
  • to introduce the students to the research and theory of the abovementioned topics

The education in the history of architecture and restoration studies includes courses both on Bachelor's and Master's degree levels. Courses comprise the development of architecture and the built environment as well as the assessment of the existing building stock, professional skills in historic preservation and in restoration planning activities. During the first three academic years (Bachelor´s degree level) the education is focused on developments in the history of architecture and the built cultural heritage. On the Master’s degree level the courses focus on historic preservation and the theory and practice of restoration. “The Research and Theory of Architecture” is a general course for the entire Department, and it can be included as a part of the Master´s thesis curriculum as well as post-graduate studies. The course follows the policies set by the University of Oulu Graduate School (UniOGS).

Academic staff:

Professor Anna-Maija YLIMAULA, architect Dr.Tech

University lecturer Anu SOIKKELI, architect Dr.Tech, PhD

University teacher Özlem ÖZER-KEMPPAINEN, architect, Dr.Tech

Doctoral student Anna LUUSUA, architect MSc

Doctoral student Kari NISKASAARI, architect MSc

Assistant teacher Petri VUOJALA, PhD

Assistant teacher Helena HIRVINIEMI, architect MSc

Assistant teacher Harri RYYNÄNEN, MA, student of architecture


Last updated: 1.9.2015