The interaction between international and local activities, new technologies, environmental challenges and demanding, multidisciplinary design and research projects are changing the architects’ professional environment.

Architecture students have several opportunities during their study to work in commissioned projects. Courses are often linked with the multidisciplinary research and development projects of the University of Oulu. Student competitions generally arise from outside the university and are often design projects. The flexibility of the curriculum allows competitions as part of the student's degree studies. Some competitions even have lead to the realization of the design and the creation of significant architecture.

In the summer of 2012 as part of the Turku Capital of Culture year, a wooden pavilion 'Pudelma', was constructed in the park at the Turku City Hall. Pudelma was a large co-operation project with architects, architecture students, and engineers from the University of Columbia (New York), Oulu University and Aalto University taking part. Additional co-operation partners included the City of Turku, the Turku 2011 Foundation, and Finnforest. Pudelma



Last updated: 2.6.2020