Avoin seminaari: 110 years later on the Mongolian steppes

Perjantai, helmikuu 5, 2021

Welcome to our next Archaeology and cultural anthropology open seminar on Friday 5.2.2021. Dr. Oula Seitsonen (University of Oulu) will present on their expedition to Mongolia “110 years later on the Mongolian steppes: Archaeologists in the footsteps of the early Finnish explorers G.J. Ramstedt and Sakari Pälsi” (abstract below). The seminar meets via Zoom at 12.15‒13.00. See you there!

Here is the link to the meeting: https://oulu.zoom.us/j/67112791917

A Finnish-Mongolian archaeological and anthropological expedition re-traced in the summer 2019 the trail of a 1909 Finnish Mongolia expedition, 110 years after the original expedition by Finnish linguist G.J. Ramstedt and Finnish archaeologist Sakari Pälsi. During our trip across the steppes, we attempted to follow the footsteps of Pälsi and Ramstedt as closely as possible and managed to locate most of the keysites documented by them. In 1909, Pälsi became the first archaeologist to document many Mongolian monuments that have later become iconic, such as the Bronze Age deerstones and khirigsuur grave mounds. However, the planned scientific monographs of the 1909 expedition was never published, and therefore their trip has remained mostly unknown in both Finland and abroad. Our work aims at correcting this research historical bias with my Mongolian colleagues, as well as at publicizing the magnificent open access photographic collection of Mongolian archaeology and ethnography as documented by Pälsi. Go to project website for more information: https://blogs.helsinki.fi/palsi-ramstedt-trail/

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