Arkeologian ja kulttuuriantropologian avoin seminaari

Tiistai, tammikuu 29, 2019

Avoin seminaari kokoontuu tiistaina 29.1. kello 10-11 salissa IT105. Vieraanamme on väitöskirjantekijä Markus Fjellström (Archaeological research laboratory, Stockholm University) ja hänen esitelmänsä otsikko on "(Pre-)historic northern Fennoscandia - Two medieval case studies of diet and mobility". Tervetuloa!

Open seminar meets again next Tuesday 29.1. from 10 to 11 (Room IT105). We have a guest, PhD student Markus Fjellström (Stockholm University), presententing on his research "(Pre-)historic northern Fennoscandia - Two medieval case studies of diet and mobility". Welcome!


The main aim of the thesis is to study changes in diet and mobility in relation to climate changes from late iron age to modern times, considering several sites from central Sweden to northernmost Norway. I’m aiming at tracing similarities and differences in stable isotopes in a heterogeneous cultural landscape, looking at changes in diet through time and between population as well as changes in the study of mobility and migration. Here, I will present two case studies. The first case study, a  pilote study, focuses on whether it is possible or not to trace reindeer domestication with stable isotope analysis. Then I will present a study combining stable isotopes (carbon, nitrogen, sulphur and stronium) with elemental analaysis of lead in order to look at diet, mobility (/migration) and possible lead poisoning of a mining community in Silbojokk during the 17-18th centuries.

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