About Us

Oulu Autism Research Group is multidisciplinary research team focusing on neurodevelopmental disorders, especially Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Communication difficulties, interaction problems and restrictive/repetitive behaviors are typical symptoms in ASD, but the level of disability and the combination of symptoms vary from person to person. ASD is typically diagnosed in childhood.

Oulu Autism Research Group in the Department of Child Psychiatry is part of the PEDEGO Research Unit at the Faculty of Medicine. Research Group consists of several researchers, logopedists, education scientists and child psychiatrists working at the University and University Hospital of Oulu. Since 2012 head of the group has been Professor of Child Psychiatry Hanna Ebeling.

The research launched by professor emerita Irma Moilanen started in 1995 with epidemiological study of autism and ASD. Over the years the research has extended to include several different domains and subprojects. Oulu Autism Research Group works in collaboration with several international researchers and research units. The group received major funding from the Academy of Finland, the Alma and K. A. Snellman Foundation, the Thule Institute, the National Alliance for Autism Research, U.S., the Sigrid Juselius Foundation, the Finnish Brain Foundation and Emil Aaltonen foundation, among other sponsors.

With the aim to investigate the nature of ASD and relating features, also as basis for treatment and rehabilitation, group's comprehensive child and adolescent psychiatric study consists of different subprojects connective with each other.

  • Epidemiological study, including prevalence, validity of screening and diagnostic methods, co-morbid neurological and psychiatric┬ádisorders
  • Molecular genetic study of outpatients with ASD
  • Emotions and social anxiety in ASD
  • Communication in ASD
  • Brain morphology and function in ASD, including studies using MRI, fMRI, ERP, SPECT, neuropsychological tests and tests for affect recognition
  • Early detecting and interventions of Autism
  • Follow up-study from childhood to young adulthood

Last updated: 17.2.2020