ERI-W Workshop: Space Weather Effects on the Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation in the Arctic

Keskiviikko, syyskuu 25, 2019 - Torstai, syyskuu 26, 2019

Meeting organizers

Prof Anita Aikio, University of Oulu, Finland
Dr Aurélie Marchaudon, IRAP, Toulouse, France

Partial funding by the Institut Français in Helsinki, the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and the Finnish Society for Sciences and Letters.


The workshop brings together researchers from Finland and France to strengthen and widen to new institutes and enterprises our cutting edge scientific research of Space Weather effects on the upper atmosphere and radio wave propagation in the Arctic region, to discuss future co-operation in higher education including mobility of students and double degrees, and to explore innovation aspects and technology transfer rising from our research.


IRAP (Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planétologie), CNRS and Toulouse University, France:

Dr Aurélie Marchaudon
Dr Pierre-Louis Blelly
PhD student, MSc Etienne Foucault
PhD student, MSc David Ecoffet

Thales Alenia Space – Toulouse, France:

Dr Sébastien Trilles
Louis Hecker

Institut Francais Finlande

Elena Ceccarelli
Delphine Tessier, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

University of Oulu (UOulu), Finland:

Prof. Anita Aikio
Prof. Shin-ichiro Oyama (also at Nagoya University)
Adj. Prof. Heikki Vanhamäki
Dr Ilkka Virtanen
PhD student, MSc Marcus Pedersen
PhD student, MSc Nada Ellahouny

Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory (SGO), UOulu, Finland:

Adj. Prof. Alexander Kozlovsky

Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), Helsinki, Finland:

Group leader, Dr Kirsti Kauristie
Prof Pekka Verronen
Dr Ari Viljanen
PhD student, MSc Johannes Norberg
PhD student, MSc Sebastian Käki

University of Helsinki (UH), Finland:

Dr Maxime Grandin

Aalto University, Finland:

Prof. Esa Kallio

Space Systems Finland

MSc Mathias Fontell


Wednesday, 25th September

0930–0935       Welcome by organisers: Anita Aikio, University of Oulu and Aurélie Marchaudon, IRAP/CNR, Toulouse
0935–0945       Opening words by Delphine Tessier from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Session 1: Radio wave propagation, space weather disturbances, collaboration, technology transfer and innovations

0945–1005       Kirsti Kauristie: PECASUS, Pan-European Consortium for Aviation Space weather User Services
1005–1025       Louis Hecker: Sensitivity of civil aircraft positioning under severe ionospheric disturbances; from large-scale refractive effects to scintillations
1025–1045       Esa Kallio: Nanosatellites in geospace research

1045–1110       Morning coffee

1110–1130       Mathias Fontell: Computer modelling of radio wave propagation in the ionosphere
1130–1150       Etienne Foucault: Numerical HF wave propagation modelling in the ionosphere
1150–1210       Alexander Kozlovsky: Forecasting space weather for the application of radio wave propagation
1210–1230       Johannes Norberg: TomoScand ionospheric tomography

1230–1330       Lunch

1330–1350       Ari Viljanen: Dynamical ionosphere and geomagnetically induced currents
1350–1410       Maxime Grandin: Using the Vlasiator global kinetic magnetospheric model to evaluate proton precipitation
1410–1440       Discussion of possible joint research projects and proposals

1440–1500       Afternoon coffee

1500-1700        Discussion of mobility plans and possible joint education between University of Toulouse and Finnish institutes; research projects and proposals

1900-2100        Meeting dinner

Thursday, 26th September

Session 2: Science discussions on multi-instrument and modelling (IPIM) studies of space weather effects on the Arctic ionosphere

0900–0920       Pekka Verronen: WACCM-D Simulations for Studies of Ionospheric D Region
0920–0940       Pierre-Louis Blelly: IRAP Plasmasphere Ionosphere Model (IPIM)
0940–1000       Aurélie Marchaudon: Modeling of selected events with IPIM

1000–1020       Morning coffee

1020–1040       Ilkka Virtanen: Bayesian filtering in incoherent scatter plasma parameter fits
1040–1100       Anita Aikio: Introduction to selected space weather events based on multi-instrument observations
1100–1200       Workshop mode for selected events

1200–1300       Lunch

1300-1430        Workshop mode for selected events continues 
1430-1440        Deciding next steps

End of Meeting

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