Amino acid analysis


Amino acid analysis at Biocenter core facilities is composed of manual hydrolysis of protein or other biological samples, derivatization of the amino acids using Waters AccQ•Tag Chemistry, and HPLC analysis of the amino acid composition using Shimadzu Prominence LC system with a fluorescence detector.

Sample requirements

We require 1 to 5 μg of proteins or peptides for the analysis. The sample should not contain salts, detergents, and glycerol. We also accept samples blotted onto the PVDF membrane. If your protein or peptide amount is much lower than 1 μg, or your sample is not a purified protein or peptide, please discuss with us in advance.

Sample submission

Before submitting a sample, please fill in the sample submission form and send it together with the sample.

Click here for Sample Submission Form.


Academic service price: 35 EUR/sample.

For frequent user, academic self-service, or company service prices please contact Dr. Hongmin Tu.

Acknowledging the BCO core facility

The Oulu BCO core facilities are supported by funding from Biocenter Finland, Biocenter Oulu, the University of Oulu, FBMM, and regional funding.  We kindly ask the users to acknowledge this resource whenever publications are being finalised, for example:

"The use of the facilities  and expertise of the Biocenter Oulu biophysical protein analysis core facility, a member of Biocenter Finland, is gratefully acknowledged."

In addition we ask the users to inform us whenever such publications have been accepted for publication.

Contact person:

Dr. Hongmin Tu
Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine
University of Oulu
Aapitie 7B, 90014 Oulu, Finland
tel. +358-(0)294 485821
e-mail: hongmin.tu(at)

Last updated: 5.2.2020