Zeiss Axio Zoom.V16 fluorescence stereo microscope

ApoTome.3 for optical sectioning. Also for brightfield imaging with various transmission light contrast methods (brightfield, oblique illumination, dark field) and reflected light ringlight and gooseneck illuminations. Equipped with high sensitivity monochrome camera for fluorescence imaging and RGB-camera for color imaging.  


Bright Field: Transillumination top 450 mot, Cold-light source Zeiss CL 6000 LED, VisiLED Ring Light 
Fluorescence: X-Cite Xylis XT720L, ApoTome.3 structured illumination for 3D imaging


Hamamatsu Orca Fusion BT (monochrome)
Zeiss Axiocam 305 color (color)


PlanApo Z 0.5x/0.125 (Free Working Distance 114mm)
PlanNeoFluar Z 1.0x/0.25 (FWD 56mm)
PlanNeoFluar Z 2.3x/0.57 (FWD 10.6mm)


FL Filter Set 49 DAPI (EX G 365, BS FT 395, EM BP 445/50)
FL Filter Set 38 GFP (EX BP 470/40, BS FT 495, EM BP 525/50)
FL Filter Set 63 HE mRFP (EX BP 572/25, BS FT 590, EM BP 629/62)
FL Filter Set 50 Cy5 (EX BP 640/30, BS FT 660, EM BP 690/50)


Pecon Temp Module S1 and CO2 Module S1 controllers and Incubator PM S1 on stage incubation chamber


ZEN 3.3 pro

Last updated: 28.4.2021