New Instruct Centre in Finland offers services to users

From today, the Finnish Infrastructure for Integrative Structural Biology will open its doors to European scientists as Instruct Centre FI. The new Instruct Centre, which has sites at the Universities of Helsinki, Oulu and Eastern Finland, will offer technology and expertise in sample preparation, characterisation, and structure determination. The launch of Instruct Centre FI recognises the scientific excellence of the Finnish Infrastructure for Integrative Structural Biology and acknowledges its commitment to delivering world-class services to the pan-European structural biology community.

University of Helsinki Infrastructure for Integrated Structural Biology

The University of Helsinki provides expertise in integrated structural biology methods, including techniques for the purification and analysis of biological complexes. Services, which are a joint operation of the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences and the HiLIFE-Institute of Biotechnology, include biomolecular complex purification, cryo-electron microscopy, segmental isotope labelling for nuclear magnetic resonance and neutron scattering, and single cell proteomics.

Biocenter Oulu Infrastructure for Structural Biology

Biocenter Oulu provides core facilities for protein crystallography and molecular biophysics. Technologies for protein crystallography include protein crystallisation and in-house data collection capabilities, linked to the development of the IceBear (Integrated Crystal-data-tracking Enhancing Biochemistry Education And Research) software. Structural studies can be complemented by a range of biophysical methods for sample characterisation and to study macromolecular interactions.

University of Eastern Finland Infrastructure for Native Mass Spectrometry

The University of Eastern Finland specialises in intact protein characterisation, with high-resolution native mass spectrometry techniques. Services include protein characterisation, analysis of protein folding and dynamics, and protein interaction studies. The facility houses a state-of-art 12-T Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance (FT-ICR) mass spectrometer and trapped ion mobility time-of-flight mass spectrometer. Remote access to the FT-ICR instrument will be available in 2020.

Visit the Instruct Centre FI Structural Biology Laboratories 

You can find all of the services on offer from Instruct Centre FI in the Instruct-ERIC technology catalogue. Instruct-FI and all other Instruct Centres are open to applications from academic and industry scientists, with funding available to academic researchers from Instruct Member Countries.

Last updated: 17.2.2020