New Academy funded Projects and Postdoctoral Researchers in Biocenter Oulu

The Academy of Finland has granted funding for new Academy Projects, Academy Research Fellows and Postdoctoral Researchers. 17 new Academy Projects, 2 Academy Research Fellows and 9 Postdoctoral Researchers will start in the University of Oulu September 1, 2021. Altogether, the researchers of the University of Oulu were granted 10.6 million euros.

In Biocenter Oulu, funding for Academic projects were received by Professor Peppi Karppinen (Cellular oxygen sensors and other 2-oxoglutarate-dependent enzymes as novel treatment targets for neurological and other diseases) and Professor Vesa Kiviniemi (Increased respiratory brain pulsation in human epilepsy as a sign of glymphatic dysconvection).

Post-doctoral researcher funding was awarded to Tuomo Mantere, PhD (Beyond point mutations – implementing optical mapping technology for high-resolution structural variant detection in hereditary breast cancer and unsolved genomic disorders) and Eeva Slitz, PhD (Extensive genetic and epigenetic profiling of systemic metabolism to understand and prevent cardiometabolic diseases).

Last updated: 4.6.2021