Visitor and contact information


Johannes Kettunen, Professor, Ph.D.
Biocenter Oulu Focus Institute
Tel. +358-(0)294 485307
Room: 471B
e-mail: johannes.kettunen (at)

Lauri Eklund, Professor, Ph.D.
Biocenter Oulu Research Infrastructure Services
Tel. +358-(0)294 486073
Room: 473B
e-mail: lauri.eklund (at)

Administrative and Scientific Coordinator:
Pirkko Huhtala, Ph.D.
Tel. +358-(0)294 486101
Room: 476B
e-mail: pirkko.huhtala (at)   

Secretary to Administration:
Teija Luoto
Tel. +358-(0)294 486103
Room: 472B
e-mail: teija.luoto (at)

Biocenter Oulu personnel:

Detailed contact information

Mailing address:

Biocenter Oulu,
P.O.Box 5000,
FI-90014 University of Oulu, Finland

Street address:

Aapistie 5A,
FI-90220 Oulu, Finland

Biocenter Oulu office and majority of the core facilities are located at the Main Building of the Medical Campus, Aapistie 5A, which also houses some of the BCO research groups. The rest of the research groups are situated at the Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, Linnanmaa Campus and at the University Hospital.

Direct visiting addresses depend on the particular group or core facility you are about to visit.

Oulu Campus Navigator is a mobile navigation and indoor positioning application for university campuses in the city of Oulu.

Map of the Kontinkangas medical campus area (PDF).

Medical Campus is located about 3 kilometers east from the city center.

Linnanmaa campus is located about 8 kilometres north from the city center.

For maps of the area and more information, see the visitor information page of University of Oulu.

Useful information for visitors:

Last updated: 25.3.2020