Presenting own material

Information concerning presentation of own material in the multidisciplinary imaging course:

Presentation of own material is offered as an optional module of the programme for those participants, especially doctoral students, who have already done some work on imaging or visualization on their field of science. As the course is multidisciplinary with representatives of very different scientific fields, the idea is also to introduce the participants how observations, measurements etc. can be presented in different “cultural” contexts and activate them to get new specific insights of the way of creating, presenting and interpreting scientific data in different settings.

The single Powerpoint slide that we request should be a single image or set of images (e.g. picture/image/graphical presentation). It must be sent to the organizers (via Anne Vainionpää) by Sept 26. These slides will be shown in the big screen in the lecture hall during the workshop. The best slide will be voted by the participants in the 1st day interaction session.

The other part of presenting your own material can be a poster or a computer presentation in own laptop. These presentations will be shown during the interaction session in an exhibition, which will be kind of “fair”. For this, the participants will bring their own prepared material. The computer presentation can consist of any kind of material (e.g. consisting of still images and/ or videos) relating to imaging and visualization of data, observations or phenomena in your own research field. If you decide to prepare a poster, we will provide the board (portrait). If you decide to have your “show” on a computer, you need to bring your own laptop with you and we will bring tables to the venue. The format of the computer presentation is completely up to you, with a reasonable duration (from seconds to not much more than a minute or so). The presentation of own material does not include a public oral presentation in front of the whole audience, but you should be prepared to present and explain your material at the time of the session (like in a poster session in a scientific conference). The best poster or computer presentation will be selected and awarded with a prize.

You can also contact the other organizing doctoral programme coordinators or other organizing team members for advice in your specific scientific field, if you like.

Last updated: 18.9.2014