Currently, the collections of the Museum include about 50 000 vertebrate samples and about two million invertebrates with a focus on northern Finnish species.

The vertebrate collection comprises not only stuffed animals, but also skin, wing, bone and skull samples. Birds and mammals account for over 90 % of the collection. The Museum also boasts an internationally renowned collection of skulls, bones and skins of northern predatory and small mammals. The avian collection is particularly rich in the birds of prey and whooper swans.

Further, the reference collection of bird bones and feathers, enabling researchers to determine species on the basis of the found bird remains, offers on outstanding resource to ecological, paleontological and archaeological studies.

Approximately 3000 clutches of birds are represented in the Museum’s bird egg collection. Collecting eggs was a common form of birding during the first half of the 20th century, nowadays, this activity is strictly forbidden.

Specimens pinned or preserved in liquid make up invertebrate collections that provide excellent material for comparative analyses on northern species. Moths and butterflies are a particularly extensive and representative part of the research collection: in fact, a number of species are defined and named on the basis of holotypes, i.e., original type specimens, in this collection.


Last updated: 9.11.2015