Garden is a supporting unit for research of the Department of Biology. It provides living plant material, growing facilities and greenhouses and practical help for researchers and students.

Current research focuses on endangered plants (e.g. ex situ -conservation of Finnish Native Plant Species), performance of ornamental plants in the northern conditions (e.g New Plants for the Northern Periphery Market) and applied biotechnology.

The academic staff of the garden is integrated into the research groups of the Department of Biology.

Experimental fields and other facilities

For research and teaching purposes, garden can provide three experimental fields. One of them is equipped with open-top chambers. There are also greenhouses and varius germination and propagation facilities. Collections of the garden are also available for research purposes.

Greenhouse facilities for research

Behind the public greenhouse collections, there are greenhouse rooms of 300 m2 in size for propagation, teaching and research purposes.


Micropropagation laboratory and cryopreservation facility

Micropropagation laboratory services are available at the garden. One example of provenances started in this laboratory, is red-leaved downy birch (Betula pubescens f rubra). This mutation was found in the 1970's from Ylikiiminki, near Oulu, and it was successfully micropropagated in the laboratory. Today, it is possible to buy seedlings of this ornamental speciality from commercial nurseries.



Cryopreservation facility was acquired in the garden in 2010. It allows a long-term storage of plant material in liquid nitrogen. In ESCAPE-eu-life+ project for 2012 - 2017 we will develop a cryopreservation method for several endangered native plant species.


Last updated: 15.3.2019