The main building of the field station was completed in 1872.

The accommodation capacity of the Krunni's field station is 14 people in winter and 20 people in summer. The main building has a high-quality kitchen for a field station, only running water and refrigeration equipment are missing from the kitchen (found from the cabin).

During summer time, the Krunni's field station has a solar-powered electrical system with enough capacity to recharge computers, batteries for research equipment and for running smaller electrical equipment. The system can also be reasonably loaded with a microwave and refrigerator. In winter, the battery of the solar-power system is kept alive with a small wind turbine. For winter use, the station has an internal combustion aggregation unit, with a capacity of about 6 kw.

The sauna building in the field station can accommodate four people.




Navigating the sea

The Bothnia Bay research station has three snowmobiles, two outboard motorboats with trailers and, through cooperation agreements, also heavier equipment.


For environmental sampling, modern equipment is used for sediment-, aquatic- and benthic sampling.

YellowFin 872 is an underwater side scan sonar, used with the archaeologists of the Faculty of Humanities and Metsähallitus' nature services, which has mainly been used to map the underwater cultural heritage