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7.10.2013 News

Gaia Biorefiner: a service screening the environmental sustainability of bioeconomy innovations

On the 2nd of October Gaia Consulting launched the Gaia Biorefiner, a service that screens the environmental sustainability of bioeconomy innova

25.9.2013 News

Apply for Paper Engineers' Association Scholarships and Awards

It is the time to apply for Paper Engineers' Association's scholarships! The application period ends on October 15th.

24.9.2013 News

New EU Forest Strategy and Blueprint for the EU forest-based Industries

  On 20th September 2013 the European Commission adopted a new EU Forest Strategy which responds to the new challenges facing forests and the forest sector.

20.9.2013 News

NEWS in Finnish: New wood-product factory to Kemijärvi

Lappi Timber Oy and Keitele Engineered Wood Oy from Keitele Group invest EUR 32 million to a totally new wood-product factory in Kemijärvi that should operate by the end of 2014.

17.9.2013 News

News in Finnish: National contacts, committee members and timetables for H2020

Horisontti 2020 -ohjelman kansalliset yhteyshenkilöt, syksyn varjokomiteoiden jäsenet ja varjokomiteoiden aikataulu on julkistettu

17.9.2013 News

University of Oulu accepted as associate member in Biobased Industries Consortium

University of Oulu has been accepted as Associate Member to the international non-profit association “Bio-based Industries Consortium” (BIC).

10.9.2013 News

Bioeconomy workshop at Science Day event 10.9.2013

Today BRC-OULU hosted a Science Day event on topics of practical papermaking and nanocelluloses. Over 110 eager students from Oulu schools visited the workshop during the day.

8.9.2013 News

EC: The Bioeconomy in Brief

The European Commission has just published a new, four page leaflet giving a quick introduction to the EU Bioeconomy. Written in an accessible style it is aimed at a wide audience.

7.9.2013 News

News in Finnish: Bioeconomy creates new jobs

Locally operating and easily copied novel practices to utilize biomass in value networks of forestry, bioenergy and environmental technologies is forecasted to create several hundreds of new jobs a

6.9.2013 News

Science: Lignin Biosynthesis Complications

Lignin is a polymer that lends its sturdy properties to wood and makes plant cell walls tougher, which creates problems for chemists converting cellulosic p

5.9.2013 News

Stora Enso invests EUR 14 million in Oulu and EUR 32 million in Sunila

Stora Enso has decided to invest EUR 32 million in building a world-class biorefinery at Sunila Mill in Finland, which will reduce the CO2 emissions of the mill by replacing up to

2.9.2013 News

European Commission invests €3.8 billion in biobased industries under Horizon2020

Brussels, 10 July 2013 – The Biobased Industries Consortium (BIC), a cross sector group of 48 large and small companies, has joined forces with the European Commission to

29.8.2013 News

Dissertation on Priming capacities of endophytic Methylobacterium sp. on potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)

Academic dissertation of Pavlo Ardanov titled Priming capacities of endophytic Methylobacterium sp.

26.6.2013 News

International summer at Fibre and particle engineering

Researcher work at Fibre and particle engineering does not slow down during summer vacation, thanks to our research exchange personnel that have arrived from Iran, India, France and Germany.

26.6.2013 News

Research outlook: Waste water treatment with modified nanocelluloses

Synthetic, oil-based materials are commonly used as water treatment chemicals in several industrial fields such as mining, papermaking, and the food industry.

21.6.2013 News

Research outlook: Organic LEDs and solar cells

The BRC-OULU group of Organic material chemistry has during the recent years focused on synthesis of small molecule light and electro active organic compounds and the

20.6.2013 News

Research outlook: Nanocelluloses to benefit wood-plastic composites

The PhD thesis of Maiju Hietala published in late 2012 studied the processing of biocomposite materials using twin-screw extrusion technique.

20.6.2013 News

Dissertation on catalytic depolymerisation of starch-based industrial waste

Academic dissertation of Audrey Hernoux-Villière titled "Catalytic depolymerisation of starch-based industrial waste : use of non-conventional a

18.4.2013 News

Protein recovery from potato chips waste

Bioprocess engineering laboratory has succeeded in recoverin