biotalous tutkimus kehitys tutkimusryhmä laboratorio

BRC- OULU Organization

BRC-OULU strives to network and engage research consortia with close collaboration with its research partners and the industrial partners. Partnership are built on their capacity to complement the scientific and technological competencies of BRC-OULU groups.


Core Groups are institutes or departments of institutes belonging to the University of Oulu and conducting research primarily within the topics of the key research areas or the cross-cutting topics of the BRC-OULU.

Associate Groups are institutes or facilities from University of Oulu-based non-member institutions contributing essential parts of their research activities to the key research areas, enabling technologies or other cross-cutting topics within the BRC-OULU research portfolio.

Research partners are national and international R&D&I organizations, universities and other institutes with close collaboration in education, research and innovation work of BRC-OULU.

Industrial partners are essential for BRC-OULU as they accelerate the transfer of knowledge and technologies into future markets and provide valuable perspactive to topical research questions.




Last updated: 9.9.2013