Bioeconomy workshop at Science Day event 10.9.2013

Today BRC-OULU hosted a Science Day event on topics of practical papermaking and nanocelluloses. Over 110 eager students from Oulu schools visited the workshop during the day.

In papermaking tutorial the students experienced firsthand the art of paper making - from pulp to sheets cut to a size. The process followed the example set by their teachers or group leading university students, and the various process stages of pumping, dewatering and fiber bonding were described in detail by the PhD students and doctors from the Fibre and particle engineering laboratory.

Nanocelluloses (NFC) and their size scale were introduced with tangible examples and comparison with e.g. Chuck Norris figure, football, ants and viruses - all of these making the nanocellulose fibrils look very small indeed. NFC applications as structural enhancers, water purification agents and different materials were considered interesting and the *NanoQuiz" that followed the presentations made sure that the lessons were learned.

Last updated: 10.9.2013