Government Report on the Future: well-being through sustainable growth

Government Report on the Future explores Finland’s long-term future challenges and opportunities, as well as outlines the Government’s common vision of the future we are seeking to build. The report homes in on the keys to sustainable growth that will secure wellbeing in the period up to 2030. It also focuses on the leading edge of new activities which require attention now and in the future. The Government Report on the Future focusing on well-being based on sustainable growth includes decisions in principle, based on which concrete steps can be taken in various areas of society.

In addition to foresight work, the report is based on recent research and the many policies and strategies already implemented by the Government. Use was also made of the preliminary results of the ‘Sustainable Growth Model’, an independent international research project that was carried out concurrently.

You may access the report from HERE.

Last updated: 5.11.2013