The event will constitute a very well-suited opportunity for awareness raising and deeper understanding of the philosophy of the SPIRE PPP as well as for networking and sharing of ideas specifically addressing SPIRE calls. The European Commission is giving the opportunity to do so during a 2-hour brokerage session on December 16 (afternoon).

SPIRE encourages the broad European R&D&I community to be present and benefit from such opportunity. It is our aim to especially facilitate the networking of stakeholders within and outside the SPIRE community. Therefore please share with us your project ideas related to the SPIRE key components as defined in the SPIRE roadmap. These project ideas are collected by the A.SPIRE office and will be made available on the SPIRE website as they are being submitted. This will increase your chances that different stakeholders and organizations contact you to further discuss added value and consortium building.

Based on this response, the European Commission is making available networking tables for these ideas to be presented and discussed as well as for wider networking opportunities.

To submit your ideas (title, contact details of the person present at the brokerage event and a 3-4 slides presentation), please use the following emailing addresses depending on the SPIRE key component that your idea intends to address through the 2014-2015 SPIRE calls:

Deadline for submission is December 9.

In the meantime, keep updated on the latest project ideas by regularly consulting our dedicated page.