Annual bioeconomy Doctoral Program seminar

BRC Oulu and its Bioeconomy Doctoral Program organized a Post-Graduate Seminar on November 28, 2013 with ca. 40 students and senior researchers present from BRC reseach groups.

In the seminar, doctoral students of the BRC Oulu research groups had an opportunity to introduce the progress of their current research by flash presentations and in poster sessions complementing the oral presentations. Furthermore, the seminar aimed to strengthen the awareness of the students of the multidisciplinary bioeconomy research taking place at the Oulu University, and gave perspective to stimulate future interdisciplinary research opportunities within the Bioeconomy Research Community of the Oulu University.

Total of 22 presentations from PhD studies in different stages were given, the presented ongoing research is listed below. The organizing team of the venue thanks all participants hoping to see many successful doctoral defences in the coming years!

- Coping with drought stress and spring frost conditions ‐ effects in polyamine metabolism of Scots pine seedlings

- Optical monitoring of activated sludge flocs

- Effect of substrate feed on mixing and hydrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass

- Depolymerization and deoxygenation of non‐wood lignin

- Solving bottlenecks in small scale microbial cultivations

- Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles from endophytes

- Towards simplified deinking systems

- Utilisation potential of gasification carbon residue

- Wastewater treatment by modified lignocellulose

- Nanocellulose as a potential raw material for ultrafiltration membranes

- Cryo-preservation methods and regeneration of potatoe

- Nanocelluloses in wastewater treatments

- Formic acid catalysed furfural production

- Possibilities and restrictions of mass spectrometry

- Mixing issues in high consistency lignocellulosic slurries

- Straw pulp fractionation ‐ The use of mechanical separation processes to optimize pulp composition

- Conifer tannins to inhibit fungal wood decay

- Catalytic wet oxidation of industrial wastewaters

- Fine grinding of dried Norway spruce (Picea abies) wood: Impactbased fine grinding mills

- Treatment of oily wastewaters containing highly stable O/W emulsions

- Separation of valuable protein fractions and starch from potato wastewater

- Lithium ion battery chemicals in energy applications

Last updated: 29.11.2013