Bioeconomy concept today and tomorrow seminar

The BRC-OULU spring seminar, Bioeconomy concept today and tomorrow, was held 8th of April in University of Oulu (UOulu). Seminar was organized by the International Green Chemistry and Bioproduction Educational Programme (VIKEBI). One of the highlights of the 1st session “Future Visions of Bioeconomy” was the insightful talk of Prof Hans Söderlund, the Chairman of the University of Oulu Board of Directors. The 2nd session “Biobased Materials and Markets” was kicked off by Dr Avtar Matharu, Deputy Director of the Green Chemistry Centre, University of York (Fig. 1) with his brilliant presentation on the possibilities of green and sustainability chemistry on technological innovations. Based on the talk of Prof Kristiina Oksman, Luleå University of Technology (Fig. 2), the renewable nanofibers and crystals hold great potential for novel innovations as they can be utilized in variety of applications.

Fig. 1. Dr Avtar Matharu, Deputy Director of the Green Chemistry Centre, University of York.



Fig. 2. On left Prof Kristiina Oksman, Luleå University of Technology. On right chair of the session Dr Sanna Taskila.


The seminar was topped off with panel discussion lead by journalist Esko Kokkonen as a chair (Fig. 3). Dr Juha Anttila (Vice President, Technology, Chempolis Ltd) felt that the UOulu research is on right topics, but that the curriculum of basic students could be complemented with new courses on innovative thinking. Marikka Paakkanen, the Quality Manager of Arizona Chemical Oy pointed out, however, that to provide bioeconomy field with new ideas, the research in UOulu should look far ahead. Prof Hannu Raitio, the Project Leader of Natural Resources Institute Finland, commented that the research should nevertheless consider different areas and not just concentrate to the topics which seem to be the most promising ones today. Esko Kokkonen concluded that open discussions have the potential to raise innovative ideas, which should then be explored in detail taking the production economics also to account.


Fig. 3. From left to right: Prof Jouko Niinimäki (UOulu), journalist Esko Kokkonen, Prof Marja Lajunen (UOulu), Dr Juha Anttila (Chempolis Ltd), Marikka Paakkanen (Arizona Chemical Oy), and Prof Hannu Raitio (METLA).

Last updated: 11.4.2014