Tutli-project: Potato industry side streams - Separation of valuable proteins

Potato industry side streams - Separation of valuable proteins

The valorization of potato side streams is mostly limited by lacking technologies and investments, and they are thus mostly considered a burden to the industry. However, they can be seen potential raw material for e.g. food, chemical or pharmaceutical industries.

The present research focuses on the recovery of proteins in potato side streams as valuable, bioactive compounds. The approach is based on the protein recovery process developed in the research group. The process combines effective concentration of potato fruit juice (PFJ) to protein precipitation/extraction process. As a result the soluble nitrogen of PFJ is captured and valorized while other valuable compounds of potato may be recycled to nutrient cycle with an energy and water efficient manner.

The project is funded by the Finnish Innovation Agency with the aim of commercializing the process.

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Dr Sanna Taskila

Professor Juha Tanskanen

Last updated: 12.1.2015