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Community Ecology is a multidisciplinary research group with researchers from a wide range of expertise (modeling, ecology and environmental science). The team is increasingly international team of 20 researchers.

Members as of 2013

Mari Annala, PhD student

Jukka Aroviita, PhD, Researcher

Anu Eskelinen, PhD, Researcher

Mira Grönroos, PhD student

Jani Heino, Academy Research Fellow

Kaisa-Leena Huttunen, PhD student

Katja Kangas, PhD, Researcher

Anna Laine, PhD, Researcher

Pauliina Louhi, PhD, Researcher

Musa Mlambo, PhD student

Jenni Moilanen, PhD student

Timo Muotka, professor

Kaisa Mustonen, PhD student

Heikki Mykrä, PhD, Researcher

Jari Oksanen, professor

Riku Paavola, acting Director

Tuija Pyykkönen, PhD student

Patrick Saccone, PhD, Researcher

Heli Suurkuukka, PhD student

Mikko Tolkkinen, PhD student

Anne Tolvanen, professor

Annika Vilmi, PhD student

Risto Virtanen, Dr., Senior Curator

Henni Ylänne, PhD student


Working groups (project groups with PI)

Stream ecology group (PI Timo Muotka)

Large-Scale ecology lab (PI Jani Heino)

Plant community ecology (PI Risto Virtanen)

Peatland and forest restoration group (PI Anne Tolvanen)


For prospective students

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Anu Eskelinen, PhD, postdoctoral researcher sharing a position between University of Oulu, Finland, and University of California, Davis, USA.

My current research focuses on climate change effects on both tundra plant communities and Californian grassland communities. I am mostly interested in how biotic factors, such as herbivory and plant functional traits, interact with multiple global change drivers. Most of my research is experimental.  

Jani Heino, PhD, Academy Research Fellow

His main research interests are located at the nexus of community ecology, macroecology, biogeography and conservation biology. Current studies include metacommunity dynamics, niche conservatism and geographical diversity gradients, and trophic structure and function of stream ecosystems. His areas of expertise are mostly related to freshwater systems in boreal and subarctic regions.

Patrick Saccone, PhD, post doctoral researcher

is a community ecologist: Focuses on the role of plant interactions for plant communities structure and dynamic, he is currently addressing the plant responses to the environmental changes (morphological, chemical and physiological traits, strategies and interactions) and the plant effects on the biotic (plant-microbe interactions) and abiotic (microclimate, water fluxes and Nitrogen cycle) environment. His research aims to explore how these local processes and interactions drive the ecosystem functioning and affect its resistance and resilience abilities to environmental changes.

Anne Tolvanen, PhD, Professor in forest ecology, Finnish Forest Research Institute/University of Oulu

Her research relates to two major global problems; climate change and the degradation of biodiversity. Her aim is to increase the use of interdisciplinary scientific information in the land-use planning in order to decrease the impacts of environmental degradation. Her recent research projects relate to habitat restoration and the sustainability of tourism. At the Finnish Forest Research Institute, she coordinates the biodiversity research.

Risto Virtanen, PhD, Senior Curator

is interested in community and ecosystem shifts and underlying processes linked to trophic interactions and climate warming, and their consequences for biodiversity especially at high latitudes. Current studies include broad-scale gradient and long-term experimental research. His areas of expertise include arctic, alpine and boreal biodiversity (vascular plants, bryophytes and lichens) in fragmented and continuous habitat systems (terrestrial and aquatic).

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