CriM 2018 Cyber Security Seminar and Workshops

Keskiviikko, lokakuu 31, 2018 - Perjantai, marraskuu 2, 2018

The international Crisis Management workshop CriM gathers teachers, researchers, experts and students of cyber security annually to study issues of security and privacy of our digital systems. Top international and finnish lecturers combined with practical workshops bring important insight to students participating in the seminar.

In the 2018 edition of the workshop, critical infrastructure and cybercrime will take the spotlight of the seminar: the resilience and security of our critical system, coupled with reporting and forensics systems and both the activity and changing form of cyber crime cover a significant part of the lecture series. Additionally, the workshop looks on GDPR, on cryptographical solutions and at implications of different scoring systems in a digital society. For the first time, the seminar also contains a CTF competition, which permits the participating students to work on and practice their skills in testing information systems.

Registration LINK (deadline 26 October 2018)

Seminar fee 100 € incl. lunches

Students fee 0 €




Wednesday 31.10.2018

Lecures, room IT115

8.30 Welcome coffee


9– 10 Prof. Gerald Quirchmayr

GDPR & NIS: Impacts since May 2018


10– 11 Prof. Sokratis Katsikas

Critical Infrastructures Security & Resilience


11– 12 Dr. Ian Oliver

Cyber security Economics: Game Theory and Attacker Behaviour


Workshops, MA336 & MA337

13 – 14 Dipl.Eng. Juhani Eronen, NCSC-FI

Introduction to digital forensics – what is CSI: Cyber in real life


14 – 16 M.Eng. Jani Tuovila (Synopsys)

Capture the Flag (CTF)-competitions CriM 2018 CTF Challenge




Thursday 1.11.2018

Lecures, room IT115

9– 10  Prof. Steve Furnell

Cybercrime: Are we keeping up?


10– 11  Dr. Juha Nurmi

Tor and future of online privacy


11 – 12 Prof. Stewart Kowalski

Cyber Security Incident Reporting Frameworks : A Socio-technical Approach.


Workshops, MA336 & MA337

13 – 16 Dr. Thomas Schaberreiter, Dipl.Eng. Veronika Kupfersberger

Privacy, Reputation and Trust: Implications of Scoring Systems




Friday 2.11.2018

Lecures, room IT115

9 – 10 Prof. Ville Leppänen

-to be announced-


10 – 11 Dr. Kimmo Halunen

Measuring cryptography


11 – 12 M.Eng. Jani Tuovila

CriM 2018 CTF Challenge.


Workshops, MA336 & MA337

13 – 16 M.Sc. Ludwig Engelbrecht

Digital Forensics in Enterprises – conducting a Mobile Forensic Investigation






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