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11.12.2020 News

Flying Forward consortium launches the era of urban air mobility in Europe

Project helps cities to become more liveable, sustainable & resilient by creating the 21st century spatial infrastructure and ecosystem.


17.2.2020 News

New citizen science EU-funded research and innovation project

CSI-COP (Citizen Scientists Investigating Cookies and App GDPR compliance) is a 30-month project which had the kickoff in Coventry today. Project will leverage citizen science in collaboration with a transdisciplinary team to investigate tracking-by-default in website cookies and smartphone apps.

11.12.2019 News

70 top hackers from around the world gathered to Oulu – the world’s first open 5G Cybersecurity Hackathon was a success

Top hackers from all over the world gathered to the University of Oulu to test their skills against 5G and cybersecurity during the weekend. Oulu is known as a global 5G and 6G hotspot and is the home to research and development of top-tier cybersecurity.

26.1.2019 News

New cyber-security open-source technology launched by CS-AWARE EU project

The Oulu University Secure Programming Group is partner in the project that has launched as open source the STIX 2.0 specification implementation in Gson/Java.

13.12.2018 News

Juha Röning and Pekka Siirtola won an IJIMAI Journal award

International Journal of Interactive Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence has granted an award to Juha Röning and Pekka Siirtola of University of Oulu for the Most Outstanding Article published in 10 Years of the journal life. Of course, the writers are really impressed and thankful.

8.1.2018 News

Robotics research lead by BISG reaches out for new hights

University of Oulu is leading the research aiming to robotic solutions for safer and more cost-effective measurements of difficult-to-reach industrial sites. Nearly four million Euro has been allocated to this project under the EU's Horizon 2020 Framework Program. The University of Oulu Biomemetics and Intelligent Systems Research Unit BISG under Professor Juha Röning coordinates co-operation. The eight-partner consortium representing five European countries will meet for the first time in Oulu on January 10-11, 2018.

29.9.2017 News

Persevering collaboration brings cyber research centre to University of Oulu 

A research centre for cyber security is to be established at the University of Oulu as a Finnish-American collaborative effort. Setting up the centre at the University of Oulu is the result of persevering international cooperation that has been carried out in Oulu especially in research into data security and wireless data communications. 

9.6.2017 News

Prof. Röning (ITEE/BISG) on the Novel applications of artificial intelligence in physical sciences and engineering research

Prof. Juha Röning, together with five other experts, participated as panelist the preparatory event for the Academy of Finland programme on "Novel applications of artificial intelligence in physical sciences and engineering research" in Helsinki on 7th June 2017, where the topics for the upcoming programme were discussed.

6.3.2017 News

BISG in one of the 15 finalist teams at the Vuosisadan Rakentajat (Builders of the Century) challenge

Research Unit BISG participates in the Life’s Biogame team, which was selected among finalists of the Builders of the Century Challenge (Vuosisadan Rakentajat). Behind the competition, there are 40 Finnish foundations and trusts jointly celebrating Finland’s centenary of independence.

10.10.2016 News

BISG & CAS article got the best paper award at BEC 2016

The 15th Biennial Baltic Electronics Conference (BEC 2016) was held in Tallinn, Estonia on 3-5 October 2016.

21.9.2016 News

BISG met Nordic colleagues at the eHealth Breakfast in Oulu

Universities of Northern Scandinavia met at the eHealth Breakfast in Oulu.

8.9.2016 News

First robots teleoperated over 5G demoed in Oulu by BISG and Probot

BISG, in collaboration with Probot, one of BISG's spin-offs, successfully presented their demos