Bio-IT Group

The objective of Bio-IT research area is to better integrate ICT and biotechnology/biomedicine domains. Target outcomes include filling the gaps across both domains and generating novel approaches to achieve better and concrete synergies and integration of these research areas.

Bio-IT aims to provide concrete new openings for the purpose of reacting to fundamentals and novelties to better integrate these research disciplines. The research methodology starts from the observation that Intelligent Systems are both artificial (e.g. machines, robots) and natural (e.g. complex biological organ system, organogenesis). Applications include novel biosensors, bioinformatics and bio-tech hybrid systems.

To realise the above goals, BISG has set up an initiative under the umbrella of Infotech Oulu in the form of a collaboration with Prof. Seppo Vainio.

In this framework, BISG collaborates with VTT, the Department of Micro- and Nanotechnology at Technical University of Denmark, and ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

Last updated: 4.2.2019