First robots teleoperated over 5G demoed in Oulu by BISG and Probot

BISG, in collaboration with Probot, one of BISG's spin-offs, successfully presented their demos at the DemoDay on 5G, held on 7th September 2016 at Nokia premises in Rusko, Oulu.

The Probot/BISG demos, which have attracted interest from the visitors, are the first robots teleoperated over 5G. The demo consisted of two potentially combined experiments. A remote-controlled arm with a camera at its end effector provided streamed video. A generic stylus controlled by a delta-robot was remote-controlled by a stylus operated on a pad. The above system, co-located at the demo event, could be split at distant locations thus enabling a range of applications in industrial and health sectors, for example.

At the event, BISG also presented their research activities which can either exploit the 5G peculiarities (including large bandwidth and virtually zero latency) for example in robotics, or enrich 5G with BISG's strengths in data analysis algorithms, software security, or disruptive cross-disciplinary approaches.

Preparing the demo. Photo: Matti Tikanmäki.

Last updated: 23.9.2016