Project description

Garbot – Utilizing robotics and AI for material recycling

This project integrates the latest ICT expertise for waste management, environmental measurements and circular economy measurements. The project is specifically responsible for the development needs of the business-oriented bio- and circular economy as well as energy and material efficiency.

The project will modernize the value of waste treatment chains by bringing together technology companies (monitoring companies, sensor manufacturers), automation and robot manufacturers recycling and environmental monitoring companies which specific operates in Northern Ostrobothnia.

The project develops a solution for the clearance, treatment and sorting of waste, utilizing mobile swarm intelligence. An environment is created in the Oulu Rusko waste center, which the developed solutions are possible to piloted and demonstrated to verify the functionality of the solutions. The project will ensure opportunities for companies operating in the area to develop new products and services aimed at the global markets for the waste management business, as well as the emergence and attractiveness of new companies in Northern Ostrobothnia.


Project coordinator

University of Oulu

Project results

The project explores and demonstrates the potential of utilizing the latest ICT expertise in environmental monitoring and quality assurance. Because of the project, a new regional business-actors consortium will be able to generate added value for the circular economy. This includes increasing the business potential of local businesses regionally and internationally, but also attracting new businesses and actors into the network as part of the network.

The most visible result of the project is the different levels of Demos as well as the mobile, scalable, fault-tolerant and affordable automation and robotics package for high-quality circular economy measurements. The network formed by the project will increase cooperation, business and thus promote employment in the industry. In the long term, the project will respond to global waste issues (garbage dumps, catastrophe, etc.) and will therefore also develop long-term new business.


Suomen ympäristökeskuksen (Syke)

Research groups

  • Biomimetics and Intelligent Systems (BISG)