EAKR - Labrobot

Project description

EAKR - Labrobot

In the Bioeconomy Strategy of Northern Ostrobotnia it is emphasized that the strong ICT know-how of the area can be
used to increase the productivity of the bioeconomy. In the strategy a food industry is raised for one of the important
developing themes. On the other hand, the integration of ICT into separate application areas is also a focus area of
North Ostrobothnia and, moreover, also one focus area of the new strategy of the University of Oulu is digital solutions
and the new services and systems connected to them.

In this project ICT know-how and digitalization is utilized primarily in the food industry but also similar approach used
when applicable in the pharmaceutical industry. The main driving force for the project is that even though the product
lines of the food industry are automated to an increasing extent, the quality assurance of the products in the laboratory
setting still contains routine measures and manual effort. The share of this routine repetitions is also big in other
laboratory units, like in research and clinical laboratories.

The objective of the project is to create to Oulu area a unique innovation environment in which the routine tasks of
laboratories are automated and the analysis of the achieved information is made in real time so that the information
can be utilized also in the process control (industry 4.0). This objective is achieved by combining data handling,
computer vision, sensors, robotics, biotechnology and food chain product solutions while the final result is a
comprehensive automation and analysis system. With this environment the companies can verify the functionality of
the developed methods before they utilize the system to their own production environments either within this project or
in the new product development projects.

The project improves the competitiveness of the food industry of our area by increasing the reliability of the
manufacturing processes and by raising the quality of the end products. The quality assurance of manufacturing
processes also decreases the number of the created loss (waste) and the carbon footprint of companies. Furthermore,
the project provides the basis to the new business for sensor companies, food industry and medicine.

Project coordinator

University of Oulu


The Project is implemented in cooperation with Luonnonvarakeskus Luke

Other partners are:

  • Probot Oy
  • Mekitec Oy
  • Maustaja Oy
  • Kinnusen Mylly
  • Yaskawa Finland Oy
  • Katri Antell Oy


Research groups

  • Biomimetics and Intelligent Systems (BISG)