Robotics Group

The mission of the Robotics Group is to study and develop methods, theories, sensors and platforms for creating mobile robots that are adaptive and capable of performing purposeful tasks in cooperation with humans. The group has participated many robotic EU framework projects and has been granted funded research from Tekes and Academy of Finland for more than ten millions euros. Robotics research activity at BISG includes collaboration with processing industry.

Ongoing projects

Research project examples of BISG ROBOTICS:

  • EAKR - Labrobot – Developing food industry with robotics
  • HYFLIERS – Oil refinery pipe inspection with flying drones
  • GarbotUtilizing robotics and AI for material recycling
  • Geobot – Utilizing robotics for geopolymer manufacturing
  • MATINE – Environmental mapping and localization of radiation sources with mobile robots
  • 5GDrone – Utilizing flying drones to measure 5G networks
  • IAEA robotic challenge – Measuring radioactive material storages with robots
  • ELROB – International outdoor robotics competition
  • Smart booms 2 – Improving the safety of autonomous construction machinery with sensors
  • EAKR - OZ+ – Evaluating the sensors of autonomous vehicles in different environmental conditions

Our Robots