Robotics Group

The mission of the Robotics Group is to study and develop methods, theories, sensors and platforms for creating mobile robots that are adaptive and capable of performing purposeful tasks in cooperation with humans. The group has participated many robotic EU framework projects and has been granted funded research from Tekes and Academy of Finland for more than ten millions euros. Robotics research activity at BISG includes collaboration with processing industry.

Robotics group presentation

Below you can read more about our ongoing projects as well as explore our robots and research topics. If you would like to co-work with us, please contact Professor Juha Röning. We are happy to work with different institutes, organizations and companies.

We have strong expertise:

  • Building custom mobile robots and UAV+UGV systems
    • Outdoor operation in unknown harsh environment
  • Integration of complex systems
    • Multimodal perception to control of real robots
  • Communication systems in practice
    • Bandwidth-distance ratio, 3D measurements, multi radio systems
  • Design and program custom embedded systems and robots
  • Next generation industrial robots and collaborative robots
    • Connecting robots to larger systems in factory
  • Using virtual reality for remote operation

Research Topics

  • Perception for robotics
    • Information representation
    • Integration of algorithms
    • Adaptive systems for current conditions
  • Advanced performance for robot’s
    • Real time requirements
    • Reflex, dynamic control, fast adaptive perception
    • Smooth motion trajectories and obstacle avoidance
  • Energy and cost effective robot building
    • Low cost electronics, multiprocessor embedded systems
    • Power consumption optimization and knowledge
    • Consuming and storing energy efficiently
  • Distributed control systems for robotics
    • Ad-hoc communication and sensing network
    • Small embedded nodes for building robots
    • Multi robot systems (wheeled, arms, and flying robots)
  • Routine learning and using it for task planning and scheduling
    • Statistics
    • How to represent information

Ongoing projects

Research project examples of BISG ROBOTICS:

Our Robots