Product Security for Cross Domain Reliable Dependable Automated Systems


Project description

The intertwining of safety, security and privacy of connected and automated systems is a concern in multiple application domains for many consumers in the European Union. As an example, one in four potential buyers/users in Europe of automated driving is reluctant to do so, mainly due to a lack of trust into its security. There is a need to remove such roadblocks for further evolutions in the transport and medical sectors. The high-level goal of SECREDAS is to develop multi-domain architecting methodologies, reference architectures, components and suitable integration and verification approaches for automated systems in different domains, combining high security and privacy protection while preserving functional safety and operational performance. The vision of SECREDAS is to take an important step forward by providing the means to enhance this trustworthiness, thus progressing in making connected and automated vehicles a reality, to ensure that European OEMs remain competitive and world leaders. In addition, SECREDAS addresses cross-domain cybersecurity and safety related technologies in the areas of medical and railways automated systems, and support cross-domain actions.

SECREDAS received European funding (ECSEL JU: Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership, Joint Undertaking) and national funding (in Finland, from Business Finland).

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Public deliverables:

  • Marko N, ed.; Marko N, Celentano U, Exposito V, Varadi A, Mikulka L, Simões Ferreira R, Liu Y, Medela A, Carvalho F, Pfeiffer M, Viehbeck J, Nassor E, Wiehl M, Karagiannis S (2019) Conception of sensor, components, and sensor data processing. ECSEL-JU 783119 SECREDAS project deliverable D4.1 (R, PU). PDF


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  • Biomimetics and Intelligent Systems (BISG)


Ulrico Celentano

Juha Röning

Juha Röning