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17.12.2014 blog

Introducing Master's Programme in Marketing

My name is Waqar Nadeem and I am the coordinator for the International Master’s Programme in Marketing (MM) at Oulu Business School.  Why should I choose to study the Marketing programme at Oulu Business School? This might be the most important question that you might ponder upon.

12.12.2014 blog

Introducing Master's Programme in Economics

My name is Enni Ruokamo and I am the coordinator for the International Master’s Programme in Economics (ME) at Oulu Business School. This short blog is directed towards those who are interested in our ME programme starting in autumn 2015.

10.12.2014 blog

Staff Exchange in the United States

  In the areas of economics and business coming up with new fresh research ideas requires a great deal of creativity. For this reason, exchange of thoughts with foreign colleagues as well as international academic experience is of high importance in the university life. 

05.12.2014 blog


  IBM Programme Coordinator Irene Lehto co-organized the FIGSIB 2014 Doctoral Tutorial on 3rd and 4th of November, also presenting her own research at the event.

20.11.2014 blog

Student Guild Finanssi’s Annual Party

  Academic traditions are an important part of the university community’s cohesion and they have also an important part in passing history on for the next generations. The most dignified of them all is the student guild’s annual party, where past is remembered, future is peeked at and spirit of the society is enjoyed.

07.11.2014 blog


 MF Programme Coordinator Andrew Conlin attended Dr. Seppo Honkapohja's lecture on monetary policy and financial crises at Oulu Business School on 30th October.

03.11.2014 blog


During the spring term of 2014 I was on exchange in The Eberhard Karls University Tübingen, Germany that is one of Europe’s oldest universities. I am grateful to Oulu Business School and FMA programme for providing an opportunity to go on exchange that gave me a valuable international experience coupled with enjoying the life of Southern Germany.

16.10.2014 blog

Executive MBA 25 years – A time for a renewal!

 The renewed EMBA OULU programme was launched for this autumn’s intake in September 2014. From now on, the programme will follow the highest international standards in assurance of learning and quality under supervision of the international accreditation body, AACSB.

04.07.2014 blog

eMBA student story

My name is Mari Kursukangas and I work for a global construction material company in Helsinki. In our organization, I‘m responsible for the implementation of the operational management and lean quality systems.

18.06.2014 blog

Doctoral dissertation: The contextual nature of launching industrial new products

My doctoral dissertation, publicly defended on November 1st 2013 at Oulu Business School, Department of Marketing, examined the contextual nature of launching industrial new products. The starting point for the study was the question, why new product launches so often fail? Sometimes the product is at fault, but in many cases, the launch itself is conducted poorly.