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18.06.2014 blog

Doctoral dissertation: The contextual nature of launching industrial new products

My doctoral dissertation, publicly defended on November 1st 2013 at Oulu Business School, Department of Marketing, examined the contextual nature of launching industrial new products. The starting point for the study was the question, why new product launches so often fail? Sometimes the product is at fault, but in many cases, the launch itself is conducted poorly.

19.05.2014 blog

MBA Student Story

It was summer 2012 when the idea of participating in a MBA program first crossed my mind. I was working at a German steel company at that point. In September that same year I could experience first contact with the Oulu Business School – for the sake of formality in the beginning, but it became clear rapidly that the professionalism of this university did leave an impression.

29.04.2014 blog


Doctoral dissertation, publicly defended on February 7th 2014 at Oulu Business School, Department of Marketing examined one of today’s buzzwords in business – business models. A lot of weight has been given on business models both in business research and practice – failures in commercializing technological innovations are often explained by unsuccessful business models.

14.04.2014 blog

Students, graduates, alumni

All students receive the alumni pin of the University of Oulu upon graduation. Graduation makes you a member of the UO alumni community spread all over the world: 16 000 graduates with a Bachelor’s degree, 38 000 graduates with a Master’s degree and 5000 graduates with a Licenciate or Doctoral degree.

31.01.2014 blog

Graduation Event in December

On 12th of December 2013 took place the Graduation ceremony organized by Oulu Business School and the student organization Finanssi Ry for all of the Oulu Business School’s graduates from the fall semester 2013, and I was proudly present as one of them. The event was cozy and nicely organized; a string quartet livened up the ceremony where speeches, toasting for graduates and general socializing were part of the program. The graduates were joined by family and close friends to share with them the accomplished goal.

06.11.2013 blog

Oulu Business School to earn highly valued AACSB accreditation

 Oulu Business School joins the ranks of the highest-regarded business schools of the world as one of the first Nordic business schools to earn AACSB International business accreditation.

24.10.2013 blog

Creating New Stories in Business Kitchen

About one year ago, in September 2012, Business Kitchen opened its doors in the center of Oulu. We asked everyone to join by bringing a cup for drinking coffee or by painting Kitchen Art canvases. We were about to build an entrepreneurship center, which would be a joint effort by the Universities in Oulu; University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences.

21.10.2013 blog

Orientation for New International Students

How does it feel to be in the New International Students' Orientation for 20 years - twice every year?! A typical international student joins the orientation once, maybe twice if they first come as an exchange student and later become a degree student. I have been in the orientation about 40 times. And I still like it!

30.09.2013 blog

From Student to Alumni Ambassador

  With my Bachelor degree in Business Administration and two years of work experience in Accounting and Finance, I wanted to deepen my knowledge and add more relevant theoretical perspective to my major. With this intention I came to Finland to study Financial and Management Accounting (FMA) in Oulu Business School. The reason of choosing Oulu University is its world-wide reputation and excellent research environment.

29.08.2013 blog

MF Student Experience

I enjoy the learning atmosphere here the most. Students are encouraged to ask questions during lectures. There is no distance between teachers and students. Teachers are very friendly and helpful. It is common to address them by names instead of titles.