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29.08.2013 blog

MF Student Experience

I enjoy the learning atmosphere here the most. Students are encouraged to ask questions during lectures. There is no distance between teachers and students. Teachers are very friendly and helpful. It is common to address them by names instead of titles.

14.08.2013 blog

Double Degree Programme in the United States

It was August 2013, when I arrived to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) campus and was ready to start an exceptional double degree exchange period in the United States. Even though it was my second time as an exchange student (Hong Kong, 2010), the first days were extremely exiting while meeting new people from around the world as well as digging around the new surroundings within which I was about to live the next nine months.  

09.07.2013 blog

Wrapping up the OBS mentoring programme

Looking back at the previous term 2012-2013, the OBS mentoring programme was the most extensive initiative to connect students with company representatives. Mentoring was also a refreshing change to normal day routines for the staff! In addition to the 27 mentors – some already familiar from previous years’ mentoring programmes – and 35 participating students, staff and faculty from the Dean and Vice Dean to programme coordinators and various university services were involved.

27.06.2013 blog

Exchange Semester in Oulu Business School

  Exchange in Oulu – preparing for the adventure!

29.05.2013 blog

FMA student story

As a FMA master student I can say that it has been an invaluable experience to study in Finland and particularly in Oulu Business School. I still remember the time when I got the email where it said that I was accepted to study at the Financial and Management Accounting master programme, I remember being overjoyed and already thinking how my experience in this new foreign country would be like.

23.05.2013 blog

Young doctors celebrating - The ninth conferment ceremony of the University of Oulu

In the blog text two young doctors, Hanna and Anita, share their experiences and feelings of preparing to the promotion.

28.03.2013 blog

IBM student story

25.02.2013 blog

MF Programme News