23.11.2021 blog

Fragile but resistant tundra vegetation in a warming climate

Tundra vegetation, the treeless vegetation in high latitude (arctic tundra) and high altitude (alpine tundra) areas, is expected to undergo dramatic changes due to global climate warming. A magnitude of changes has already been observed but some changes are lagging behind their expected velocity. An important question is that what controls changes in tundra vegetation besides climate, and can these factors decelerate or mitigate the effects of climate warming.
17.11.2021 blog

Sustainable construction technology for northern cities

Millions of people live in rather challenging environmental and cold climatic conditions in the northern regions. Concerning the construction sector, the changing cold climate presents various challenges. Design of low-carbon buildings that are visually appealing and healthy as well as energy- and cost-efficient is not straightforward even though progress has been made in the development of building codes and standards over the last decades. 
09.11.2021 blog

From repatriation to rematriation – Sámi heritage and the change of paradigm

“Accessibility to collections heals our relationship with museums. There is a conflict in this relationship, and it has to do with colonialist attitudes, that we could somehow cleanse, that hey, this is also our place and for us. That helps the healing process, that there is not always us and them.” Sámi artist Outi Pieski 
02.11.2021 blog

Potentiality of solar energy in the Arctic

Geographically, the Arctic is a region extending around the North Pole. Its southern border, however, is defined based on several viewpoints including temperature, vegetation, culture, and politics. Regardless of its definition, the Arctic region is characterized by extreme weather and climatic conditions, from polar nights to the midnight sun, from extensive periods of white snow cover to vast green areas. Mapping potential renewable energy production and supply in a region subjected to this wide heterogeneity is a challenge. 
26.10.2021 blog

Changing polar region - enjoying eight seasons of the Arctic

The polar regions are in a continuous change. The change has been, and needs to be, monitored continuously and the collected information should be stored and used sustainably. This enables the understanding of the consequences of the changing polar region and mitigation of the effects. 
19.10.2021 blog

Border Politics and Displaced People

An hour’s drive from Oulu takes one to the twin city of Haparanda and Tornio at the border of Finland and Sweden. Border crossing is so easy that it is over without much thought, let alone a stop. With similar ease the border point of three states, Finland, Sweden and Norway, welcomes one in the Arctic. Mountainous scenery catches the eye more than invisible border control. 
12.10.2021 blog

Equality among stakeholders disregards rights-holders: Case of reindeer herders

The UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development aims for development that leaves no one behind and reaches those furthest behind first. This objective includes paradox: if everyone is treated as equal, no one will be special, already disadvantaged will be further marginalized while the powerful will prevail. How to manage such paradoxical policy promise?