arctic research

03.12.2019 blog

Letter from Jarkko Saarinen to Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld: "All is not well Adolf"

Dear Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld, Greetings from your native country where snowless and slush covered early winter sceneries are becoming increasingly typical. Please allow me to call you by your first name despite your noble lineage.
28.05.2019 blog

Discovering the meaning of attitude in Arctic science

I’m not really a hard-core outdoorsman like many environmental scientist are. I’m more what true field scientists make fun of (politely behind our backs) - a modeler. Nonetheless, in March of 2019 I found my bags packed for a month-long fieldwork expedition to the remote wilderness of Arctic Alaska. During this time I was to take part in week-long snow mobile traverse with winter camping, a sampling road trip along the infamous “Haul road” highway all the way up to the Arctic ocean, and flying on small aircraft to measurement sites inside the majestic Brooks Range mountains.