climate change

03.12.2019 blog

Letter from Jarkko Saarinen to Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld: "All is not well Adolf"

Dear Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld, Greetings from your native country where snowless and slush covered early winter sceneries are becoming increasingly typical. Please allow me to call you by your first name despite your noble lineage.
08.10.2018 blog

Can the world be powered by renewables?

Yes. Is it easy? No. The basic physics of renewable power are surprisingly simple: all energy from outside of Earth reaches us from the Sun, about 1 billion TWh per year, with the energy consumption from all of humanity being “only” about 200,000 TWh each year. There is also a “little“ bit of heat left in the earth´s core and kinetic energy in the momentum of the moon. But it is easiest to focus just on the Sun and take the others as a bonus.
14.12.2017 blog

Climate change is hiding below the ground

Although the Earth is accustomed to cycles of warmer and cooler periods, we human beings – and the human society as it is – do not have experience from any other climate than the one we currently have. Studying soil can help us estimate the magnitude of future changes in climate and provide tools to mitigate climate warming.
28.09.2017 blog

Ecological restoration is a tool to fix some of the damages that we have caused to our natural ecosystems

Since the last ice age, peatlands have stored huge amounts of atmospheric carbon within their peat layers. However, because of human actions and a rise in global temperatures over the last two hundred years, peatlands are about to release the carbon back to the atmosphere – unless we do something quickly.