05.05.2020 blog

Smooth rides and jolly collaborations

In academia, we are encouraged to inter-, multi- or transdisciplinary research collaboration. But what does that really mean? Although there is a consensus about the need to apply these practices, there is no agreement over definitions, and they are used interchangeably.
20.09.2018 blog

How a flying visit can help create a community of scholars

How should a university welcome a visiting scholar? Hopefully, as warmly as I have been welcomed by the Centre for Philosophical Studies of History at the University of Oulu. For a month in September 2018 I am enjoying the benefit of a stimulating intellectual environment in which to pursue my research activities.
24.05.2018 blog

Science communication – Just do it?

These days, researchers are expected to communicate their knowledge, the scientific process and results to the publics and to interact with stakeholders. Many researchers are adding communication, such as expert blogs and social media presence, to their routine activities. The digital platforms provide easy ways for highlighting the important topics. Yet there is more potential to be released.
15.09.2017 blog

Business Kitchen Tellus opens doors for all!

How do you know that you are creating something new? During my path in life, I have found one common factor that has followed me. It was there when I was a researcher, entrepreneur, project manager in Business Kitchen and it is here now, when I am heading the Tellus Innovation Arena activities. It is the fact that one must continuously re-define and re-think. What are those words and sentences that I can use to describe as well as possible, what something is?
14.06.2016 blog


The University of Oulu, Oulu University of Applied Sciences and BusinessOulu have been collaborating on the project “Higher through academic collaboration” (KoKo) since the beginning of 2015. The gain of the project is to support and advance entrepreneurship, new business and the growth and internationalization of small and medium enterprises. The project started when people wanted to tackle the both ongoing structural changes in local business and the high youth unemployment in the Oulu area.