08.10.2018 blog

Can the world be powered by renewables?

Yes. Is it easy? No. The basic physics of renewable power are surprisingly simple: all energy from outside of Earth reaches us from the Sun, about 1 billion TWh per year, with the energy consumption from all of humanity being “only” about 200,000 TWh each year. There is also a “little“ bit of heat left in the earth´s core and kinetic energy in the momentum of the moon. But it is easiest to focus just on the Sun and take the others as a bonus.
07.03.2018 blog

What else can we do towards an energy sustainable world, beside keep building solar cells and wind turbines?

Energy harvesting would lead us towards truly circular economy. In history human’s economy is linear. For example we mine the fossil fuel, combust them to generate electricity or get mechanical power we want, and then dispose the pollution into the environment and forget about it.