08.11.2018 blog

Planning the electricity system for environmental performances

If we would be coherent in our fight against climate change and reducing our environmental impact, we would directly drive our energy production for environmental purposes (with economic constraints) instead of economic purposes (with environmental constraints).
07.03.2018 blog

What else can we do towards an energy sustainable world, beside keep building solar cells and wind turbines?

Energy harvesting would lead us towards truly circular economy. In history human’s economy is linear. For example we mine the fossil fuel, combust them to generate electricity or get mechanical power we want, and then dispose the pollution into the environment and forget about it.
17.01.2018 blog

How much storage does the ”Energiewende” need?

This blog post tries to assess the storage need in a highly industrialized country like Germany and find out what is the place of flexible demand, which is one of the central topics of BCDC Digital Team, in the big picture.