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16.12.2019 blog

Petteri Pietikäinen´s letter to Edward Westermarck: “Your ideas are topical again in the world of science!”

Dear Edward, I dare approach you on a first name basis as I know you were not a friend of titles, hierarchies or other such pretentiousness.
10.09.2019 blog

X-ray crystallographer Rosalind Franklin inspires Heini Hakosalo

Dear Dr Franklin, I am writing to you from Oulu, a town in Northern Finland. The University of Oulu, where I work, was founded in 1959, a year after your death. I am not a scientist myself, but a historian of science specializing in the history of 20th-century biomedicine. Everyone in our research field would know your name today – in fact, most schoolchildren would, at least in the Anglophone countries. In many respects, you are still with us.