sustainable development

03.12.2019 blog

Letter from Jarkko Saarinen to Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld: "All is not well Adolf"

Dear Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld, Greetings from your native country where snowless and slush covered early winter sceneries are becoming increasingly typical. Please allow me to call you by your first name despite your noble lineage.
02.05.2019 blog

Sustainable cement for generation now and next

Urbanization and continuous infrastructure growth globally are current indicators for increasing demand of ordinary Portland cement. And at current trend of demand, the consumption of limestone, a non-renewable material source for cement production is not sustainable. Portland cement production over the years has shown to be a double-edged sword; with favorable and unfavorable impacts on humanity and the ecosystem.
07.03.2018 blog

What else can we do towards an energy sustainable world, beside keep building solar cells and wind turbines?

Energy harvesting would lead us towards truly circular economy. In history human’s economy is linear. For example we mine the fossil fuel, combust them to generate electricity or get mechanical power we want, and then dispose the pollution into the environment and forget about it.